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Take part in Viaggio al Tesoro - Escape Area @ Umoya.

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Viaggio al Tesoro - Escape Area is a logic game within a delimited space, in which you will have to discover the only possible way to open the hidden chest and escape with the hidden loot

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Viaggio al Tesoro Escape Area is a mix between a treasure hunt and an escape room. In fact, it inherits from the format of the itinerant urban adventure "Viaggio al Tesoro" the ultimate aim of opening a trunk with the final prize, but limits the space of action to a well-defined area, in which clues are scattered to open the trunk.


It is a challenge of logic games, in which you can choose to play alone or in teams with no limits of participants (depending on the venue or area) whose objective is to solve all the games distributed in the game area in order to to obtain the key to open the Treasure trunk and take possession of the loot inside before your opponents.


The playing area will be communicated from time to time in the appointments indicated on the site and on the social pages!

The game has a maximum duration of two hours and you can participate individually or in teams in four possible modes:

  • by booking on the website,

  • writing to us privately on the social page @veniverso,

  • by contacting the structure hosting the event,

  • arriving directly on site before the event time indicated for that appointment.


Only those who have solved the various logic games, puzzles with the actors present on the scene, interlocking puzzles of different nature, all scattered around the playing area, and have obtained the key to open the trunk, will win the Treasure up for grabs.


Viaggio al Tesoro Escape Area is open to everyone, without distinction of age, origin, gender and categories.

Participants are required to respect the venue, the objects present and not to hinder or collaborate with opponents. Maximum respect necessary for the actors present in the area, not to be pressured. Failure to comply with the rules will result in participants being disqualified from the game.


What to expect

At the starting point, at the indicated time, all you need to do is show up individually or in a group and bring with you at least a smartphone and the desire to have fun, as well as logic and intuition. Once you have registered (by reservation or on site), you will be given a website (accessible after free registration at which will detail the purpose of the game, display the Escape Area guidelines and give help every 10 minutes for all the game phases.

There will be an initial presentation that will present the theme of the game at the end of which you will enter a playful reality in which you can interact with characters, solve puzzles, open doors, unlock scenarios and even open the hidden trunk.


You have a maximum of two hours to solve all the games.

Be ready for anything: there will not be a defined path, but you will be free to discover, experiment and interact with almost everything. As you live your experience, you will be able to notice characters who have behaviors to decipher, hidden objects, some useless, others necessary, closed boxes, keys to decrypt, puzzles that are unlocked by solving others and games that, if combined, determine a single solution. All immersed in the play area in order to find the key to open the treasure trunk.

The puzzles can be of any kind and difficulty and the site, delivered at the beginning of the event, will be a guide both to understand how many games remain to be solved and to suggest, every 10 minutes, specific help to advance in your game.


You can solve the puzzles whenever you want and it is not essential to be concentrated for the entire duration of the game: you can take a break and resume when it is more convenient for you. But clearly only the person who, within the defined time frame, will be the first to open the hidden trunk and win the prize up for grabs will be rewarded.


The management of the event does not assume responsibility for behaviors adopted by participants that go outside the playful sense of the event. Participation in the event means that each individual participant has read and accepted the rules indicated in the regulations and makes the participant responsible for their actions against these rules.

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  • 14 Apr 2024, 21:30 – 23:30
    Napoli, Via del Parco Margherita, 13, 80121 Napoli NA, Italia
    Sei in grado di trovare il Tesoro nascosto in 1 ora e mezza? Viaggio al Tesoro - Escape Area è un’esperienza ludica all'interno di uno spazio delimitato, in cui dovrai scoprire l'unico modo possibile per aprire il baule nascosto e fuggire con il bottino nascosto.
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