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Squid Bout - il gioco liberamente ispirato alla serie TV "Squid Game"

25.05.24 ore 18.30 - Umoya Castelvolturno


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The three clauses :

- a player cannot stop playing

- a player who refuses to play will be eliminated

- the games can be ended if the majority agrees (not decreeing any winner)
Further additional clauses :

- the game is freely inspired by the television series " Squid Game " with some necessary changes, the most important to specify is that absolutely NO violence is allowed. The elimination from the game is simply an exit from the place of the games that leads the competitor not to be able to participate in the other games and to compete for the final prize. Any game must be played with any strategy or physical feature but without exception without the use of force, under penalty of elimination. Healthy, competitive competition is accepted, but the ability to accept victory and defeat of oneself and of others with the utmost serenity is necessary. At the end of the elimination or the game, maximum maturity is required.
- Each competitor is treated in exactly the same way, there is complete equality between the competitors and fairness on the part of the judges. Unlike the television series, there are no hierarchies among the referees, nor is anonymity necessary. In several parts of the game show will  tried to reproduce the environmental / musical / theatrical effect of suspense , never threateningly, of the television series for the sole purpose of play and entertainment.
- No one has been / will be forced to participate in the game, the choice is voluntary and takes place through knowledge of the game after propaganda or direct invitation.
- The game will be broadcast for its entire duration (max 6h on a winter Saturday evening) on social channels and each competitor allows the use of their image, for the sole purposes of the game show, from promotion to the use of subsequent clips, while for the entire duration of the game accepts its presence as part of the game show.
- The games and the respective rules, to which the competitors will be subjected, will be tacitly accepted at the time of the proposal before the start, when the explanation will be detailed, towards which maximum concentration by the competitor is recommended. The quantity of the games and their nature will be hidden from the contestants until it is presented to them during the game show.

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25 May 2024, 18:30
Castel Volturno
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