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Each team initially represents a link in a chain.
In some heats there will be several teams at a time (2 or 4) to form a ring, the order and associations will always be random and will be communicated to you at the start of the heats: you will be the one to remember it independently to intervene and answer the questions.

There are 6 rounds in the game with questions (one for each ring) and a very short time limit to answer.
To get points you need to form a chain: in each round the number of rings that will have to answer consecutively to ensure that they can get points will be established.

If the chain is formed it means that the number of consecutive rings (pre-established at the start of the heat) will have answered correctly to each question, and each team of this chain will get a point. Whoever misses the sequence of consecutive loops gets -1, but interrupts the chain and prevents those who, by answering correctly, previously forming the chain of the required number from scoring the point. Following an error or a chain formed, the next link can start another possible chain.

The questions for each heat are continuous and, once we arrive at the last ring, we immediately restart from the first

At the end of the 6 heats you will have to secretly vote for a team (not yourself) that deserves to enter the semifinal.

They will go to the semifinals:
the team that has obtained the most points, the one that will be classified in the middle of the standings, the most voted and the one chosen by lot at the start of the game among the possible hypotheses: the last in the points standings, the second in the points standings, the second in half ranking, the penultimate in the points ranking, the team that has totaled zero points in the ranking (in the event of a tie, the team with the most points in the single heats).

The semifinal and final are much faster.
In the semifinal, the 4 rings will have 6 questions, each with the theme of the previous heats, each one answering in private in 10 ".

The final is played in a discussion between the two rings about trust. In private they choose to be Weak or Strong Link.
If they both choose Weak, they play for the win in a tiebreaker,
if one of the two chooses Weak, the other one who chooses Strong wins,
if both send me Forte the last one in the voting standings wins.

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