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Prenotati alla Festa con Delitto - variante "Pubblico Investigatore"

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A story born by chance, a few New Years ago ...


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Open over the years to an increasingly large public, Viaggio al Tesoro consists of solving riddles, rebuses, quizzes, puzzles, games of any kind in the shortest possible time. Having solved one clue, you proceed to the next, and so on, until the Treasure is found.

It is a team game, each consisting of a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 adults, with a captain, who must have registered for free at The different line-ups will be updated by email and on social channels about what they need to participate and about the meeting place where they will receive the first clue and from where the challenge will officially begin!

To travel to the treasure site, you will have to compete in dynamic and exciting challenges, through a rollercoaster of clues amidst games of general culture, logic, intuition and spectacular twists and turns. A unique event, not a simple treasure hunt, not a simple role-playing game, but a real live adventure in which the contestant is the main character and experiences challenges of all kinds to travel from one place to another on the way to the Treasure with enthusiasm, adrenalin, a desire to have fun, loyalty, curiosity and unexpected dynamics.

Only the team that is the most astute in overcoming trials of any kind and that maintains the utmost attention and steady nerves will be able to aspire to the desired final success: to plunder the hidden Treasure first. Numerous rich prizes are up for grabs for the winners and the teams that reach the podium!


To participate, you must fill in the event registration form on

The following data must be entered in the form: team name, captain's name and surname (registered on, email, mobile phone number, place and date of birth and residence of the captain, names and surnames and date of birth of the other team members, any additional information to be communicated to the organization.

Each team must be composed of a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 people to make up a car (the route will be for a first part on foot and the second part by car).

Viaggio al Tesoro is open to anyone over 18 years of age; it is not absolutely necessary to be residents or known to the municipalities hosting the event. The characteristics necessary to be able to aspire to the final victory are independent of the knowledge of the locations: in fact, the aim is to solve games of (any) skill and then receive the next location on the way to the Treasure.

Participants are required to comply with the anti-covid regulations referring to the latest ordinance on the subject issued by the Ministry of Health and the President of the Campania Region.

Participants are required to respect the rules of the road in the car and rules of good behaviour in public places in order to avoid impediments to traffic, public peace and good civic sense.


Each team must be equipped with a car and at least two smartphones with usable internet gigs (maximum communicability, data connection and battery must be stable for the duration of the event). All this is necessary to receive telematic help and solve clues during the entire duration of the treasure hunt.

Necessary apps: all commonly used apps on a modern smartphone, especially social apps (if you are not subscribed to the main social networks, you can create a free account just in case, all you need is an e-mail).

It will be the organization's task to notify participants via the registration email and on social channels, in the days leading up to Viaggio al Tesoro, of the need for other tools that may be useful in order to participate in the best possible way.

Recommended tools: paper, pens, water, coffee and various snacks to stay energized and focused during the journey, and the most practical clothing possible.

Indispensable tools: logic, intuition, running skills, ability to get involved, spirit of fun, having read the rules.


It will be possible to see the first "social" clue of Viaggio al Tesoro approximately 12 hours before the start of the game via the captain's email or through VeniVerso's social channels. The clue will have to be solved in a set time and will have benefits (for those who have solved it) or malus (for those who have not been able to). The outcome of the game will be revealed to all participants at the meeting point near the day of the event.

 You will have to move from one place to another by solving clues of all kinds through twists and turns and guaranteed fun. You will find:

- paper clues delivered directly by the staff on site;

- small QR codes attached on the walls (not to be removed) along the way;

- multimedia clues that you are only required to solve via Internet;

- various tests of any kind necessary to obtain the clue itself.
Each game, if solved, will either give access to a new clue, or indicate the next place to be reached so as to move forward in the route, game by game, and end with the Treasure location.

The event management does not accept responsibility for behaviour by participants that goes beyond the playful sense of the event. Participation in the event implies that each participant acknowledges and accepts the rules stated in the Viaggio al Tesoro rules and makes the participant responsible for his/her actions against these rules.

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