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Tired of the classic and alienating games and video games? Would you like to get back to being a group not just behind a microphone? Find out who we are!


The only adventures you have are through the screen, watching TV series and films? 
Live the adrenaline rush first-hand!


Are you sick of monotony, staying at home and the usual alcoholic evening? Are you looking for some group fun?

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We are living in an era that has been marked by two revolutionary factors .
The first factor is the social media revolution : we are pervaded by interactions that have to do with posts, stories, messages. Friendships are counted as followers, shares are buttons on the app and handshakes and hugs are replaced by likes and audio notes.
The second factor is the pandemic period : we have been forced to stay away, we have moved away from our rhythms for a long time, from live interaction, from contact.

Today for this series of circumstances, we try to get the most out of our free time , we want to make up for lost time and we want everything immediately. This is why we often tend to experience lightning fun, which leaves us nothing and does not allow us to grow, or we tend to get sucked into boredom, by static and monotonous inertia.

VeniVerso was born with the aim of giving playful experiences that bring interaction into play, the need to rediscover the adrenaline of team play, cooperation, healthy competition : as opposed to what we have lived for a long time over the months imprisoned at home, away from the rest of the world, away from our desire for adventure.

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Fun, competition, union.
These are the 3 principles through which we base our playful events.

We strongly believe in the importance of the game , of getting involved, of participating, of healthy competition.
Technology is a means, not the end - as in everyday social practice, to reach the goal.

The experience is unique: participating in hours of adrenaline, as if you identify with a character from a film or a video game, with the difference that the player is the protagonist

The experience is relational : in order not to lose social contact and fight loneliness in a world where one ends up having an abundance of everything in favor of increasing distance from others.

Through the game we are sure that fundamental principles of living in society are also professed, such as: respect, equality and loyalty.
Principles that we will export in any context without any distinction.

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  • Squid Bout
    Squid Bout
    Time to be defined
    Place to be defined
    Time to be defined
    Place to be defined
    Time to be defined
    Place to be defined
    Since the success of the "Squid Game" series, the only way to win is to beat all the games. Small detail: no violence
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